Confidence in Your Hiring Process

Choosing the right business risk solutions provider can be tasking, considering the number of providers on the market claiming to be the best at what they do. It is essential to understand the makings of an exceptional service provider. What to look out for, what separates us from the sub-par one’s. Choosing Gavac guarantees exceptional service, affordable pricing and cutting edge tools and solutions.

As an employer, it helps to understand what separates an excellent employment screening provider from a mediocre one. By choosing GAVAC you can be confident that we will get it right every time, everywhere.

Gavac operates as a CRA (Consumer Reporting Agency) and to ensure protection of data, we fully comply and adhere to the Data Protection Act, 2012 (ACT 843) as required of member firms of the Data Protection Commission of Ghana. We have embedded compliance protocols and security features to protect all data collected and transmitted. We also adhere and comply with the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679)

What We Provide Your Organization

Data you can trust

In our quest to provide accurate data, we have employed extensive verification processes which implies you can rest easy knowing you are getting well researched results following recognized industry standards, while staying compliant and ensuring data security.

Faster response times

It is essential customers are well equipped to make informed decisions, as such we are incensed with delivering real time, accurate and compliant reports. This is achieved through API integration with our data partners and sources.

Compliance-driven Solutions

Our verification platforms are designed to keep your organization compliant with current and future screening needs and changing regulations, whilst ensuring clients employ strong risk mitigating policies as this is key to building and maintaining its brand.

Global Reach

With our extensive network of global partners and international data sources, we have the ability to meet your organizations screening needs. Our networks stretches to 150 plus countries and territories.