Our KYC solutions are designed to help streamline your organization’s verification processes by improving the customer on-boarding experience, while mitigating risks associated with anti-corruption, terrorist funding and identifying PEP (Politically Exposed Persons).


eKYC platform aggregates data from International and Local Government Agencies, trusted Legal Open Sources and databases ranging from FATF, SAM.gov, OFAC, US SEC, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Bank of England, United Nations 1267 Committee, OSFI, EU Terrorist, HM Treasury, Global Money Laundering Database, World Bank International Investment Disputes, International Court of Justice, Corrupt Government Officials Database, Interpol Most Wanted, FDIC, International War Crimes Tribunal, Globally available SEC and Surveillance Commissions, Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Agency and the UK FSA. eKYC pulls data from over 120 countries and 30 plus jurisdictions, local and foreign ID sources and PEP( Politically Exposed Person) registry. This is achieved through leveraging automation and process mutualization. The result is a user friendly GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, 2016/679) and Data Protection Act(843) complaint platform.

Benefits of eKYC Platform

Improves overall customer experience

Delivers tangible operational experience

Regulatory Compliant

Cost Effective