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Organizations are faced with various forms of risks, which go beyond employee verification. The risks range from financial dealings, regulatory and statutory compliances. Being able to detect and mitigate these risks is essential to an organization’s sustainability.

GBS offers an array of services designed to aid organizations in limiting risk and ensuring that investment opportunities are verified and validated.

Distributors, transporters, vendors, retailers and consultants an organization engages or has business dealings with are reliable and compliant entities to their own statutory and to international legal requirements wherever applicable.


The need to know who you are investing in or partnering with to benefit from synergic efforts is key to your organization’s success. Partnerships can be risky if you are not aligned with the right person. GBS’s Business Associate Due Diligence is designed to look into the potential risks associated with business partnership. This service makes you well informed and gives a good understanding of who the potential investor is and its reputation.
We achieve this through a comprehensive screening into all organizations affiliated with the potential investor i.e. political, business and past work history.


Knowing your customer or client is essential as this helps prevent identity theft, money laundering etc. Industries such as insurance, telecommunication, financial services and banking benefit a great deal from knowing who their customers or clients are, who they claim to be or whether supporting documents are not forged or altered.
GBS has a knowledgeable team that provides a robust document validation and an identity verification processes. Partnering with us ensures concerns surrounding identity verification, legitimacy of customer and supporting documents are reduced to the barest minimum.


This service aids with partnering with the right vendors to drive your organization or business towards profitability and efficiency. Associating with the wrong vendor can mar the image and brand of an organization. Our vendor due diligence service screens for ethical practices, legal compliance, valid resources, capabilities and expertise, genuine documentation, and credit worthiness.
Corporate due diligence is your safeguard against common frauds like product diversion, corruption, siphoning of stock, employee thefts, threat and intimidation etc.