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FAQs and their Answers

Yes Gavac Business Solutions is licensed and registered with the Data Protection Commission as data controllers and processors, while fully complying with the Data Protection Act 843. We also adhere to international data protection and consumer protection regulations such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679).
Gavac offers an array of services, which can also be customized, based of the client’s verification needs.
• AML (Anti-Money laundering) database checks.
• Address verification
• Adverse Media checks
• Credit checks (local and International credit reports)
• Criminal history (local and International reports)
• Employment verification
• Education verification
• Identity verification
• Licenses and certificates checks
• Litigation and solvency checks
• Reference checks
Gavac has developed a robust enterprise web solution with the key goal of offering fast, secure and compliant verification reports to our clients. This solution streamlines the verification process while keeping the client updated every step of the way.
Gavac’s comprehensive background checks take up to 14 business days. There may be cases with extended processing times of up to an additional week depending on the response times from certain educational institutions. This is often the case when records are archived.
Gavac aggregates data from multiple data sources, including the Criminal Investigative Department of the Ghana Police, International Criminal Databases with excess of millions of records across 150 plus countries, educational institutions, partner verification firms, DVLA, NIA, Passport office etc.
Yes, we will consult to find out the exact needs of your organization and design a verification package that meets your organization's needs and budget.
To begin the process we require the candidate’s bio data. We then email the candidate a link to a secure site where they can provide additional information and sign a digital consent form, which has a built-in electronic signature. In the event the candidate does not have an email address, consent forms can be downloaded and given to the candidate by the client.
Gavac is GDPR, DPC, and FCRA compliant; we enforce compliance through our proprietary compliance engine embedded in our enterprise application.
We ensure all data is secured; transmitted personal data uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a protocol for online data encryption. Candidate’s data is located on a separate, private sub network, which is not connected to the Internet, with addresses that are not Internet routable. Databases transfer all transactional data real time using replication to ensure a secondary server is always up to date and available for failover. Dedicated firewalls allow only data requests, which originate from set private IP addresses.
We will send an email prompt to the client once a case file is marked complete; we also provide a case status indicator, which shows progress at each stage in the verification process.
For us to start with the process of running a background check, we are legally required to obtain a written authorization from the candidate or employee. By obtaining consent, employees officially confirm the following:
• Ensure that steps have been taken to protect candidates' privacy and prevent discrimination.
• The candidates have been educated on their rights in the event of adverse action.
• They have notified candidates about the background verification process.
In the event a candidate is disputing the results of his or her background check report, they can contact our dedicated support team which will investigate further to resolve any inaccuracies.
We do, this however is based on our clients requirements, we particularly offer this for financial, telecom and Insurance companies.
For registered partners:
a) Log in to
b) Start a verification case
c) Fill candidates name and relevant details
d) Trigger consent form, upload in the event candidate does not have an email account.
e) Receive verification result once completed.
For Non-registered partners:
Non-registered partners can send us a verification request at
Per Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), employers are prohibited from taking decisions based on adverse records or information older than seven (7) years. However this time limit does not apply to records of conviction or employees being considered for leadership or directorial roles.