About us

Gavac Business Solutions is a human resource technology and risk management solutions provider registered and regulated by the Data Protection Commission of Ghana and a member of NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners). We specialize in providing organizations large and small with solutions and resources to effectively protect their assets, reduce liability, and create a safer workplace. We do so by obtaining background records and other pertinent information essential to recruitment, through partnering with HR departments and our investigative team. GBS captures and records any and all data concerning individuals and employees reported, ranging from felonies, misdemeanors, employment and educational history, we have developed secure and compliant platforms to make screening and background verification process more efficient. With quick data accessibility, smarter data analysis, analysis of risk treats and our new automated scoring. Our new platforms employ the use of advanced AI and machine learning technics to process and report records of potential employees being considered for employment.

GBS was established in 2014 in response to a need for improvements in background screening and to make pre-employment screening part of the employment process in Ghana. We believe financial security is of primary importance to long-term viability and success. Ghana has recently seen vast growth in the private sector with the emergence of banks and financial institutions. This growth has had a positive effect on the country’s labor force minimizing the once high unemployment rate. Whilst these events are a plus as a whole, most firms and businesses are dealing with multiple cases of employee misconduct ranging from embezzlement, dishonesty and fraud. Recognizing the early signs of these criminal behaviors is the first place to begin; hence being proactive in applying hiring methods is of utmost importance. Further, understanding the behavioral patterns, recognizing the warning signs and awareness of the potential for embezzlement is critically important.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the leading industry provider of background investigations to the local, national, and government entities in Ghana, with a long-standing reputation for service, quality and timeliness. Additionally, we will offer site investigations and have extensive reach with more than 100 cleared investigators in offices nationwide.


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We provide Risk Management and Human Resource Technology Services

Our Objectives

Help Everyone

Help local, national, and government entities with their screening protocols and policies

Quick Turnaround Time

Develop a cost-effective method of providing quick turnaround time for high volumes of criminal searches

Network of Screening Centres

Build a network of screening centres to conveniently meet the screening needs of employers throughout the nation.

Cutting-edge Tech

Develop cutting edge programs that pair the latest screening technology with a strategic plan for keeping our clients' workplaces safe and secure.