Employee Background Check…What you need to know

An employee background check is the process of looking up and verifying a prospective employees records ranging from criminal, employment, education, address, identity and in some cases financial and sanctions list records of an individual or organisation.

It is essential for employers to conduct background checks on prospective and existing employees, while some employers conduct checks after they have hired an employee it is advised to do so before hiring the employee. This reduces the risks and cost associated with hiring the wrong employee and having to re-hire for that particular role. According to the society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) it cost a company $4,129 to hire and train a new candidate for a role or position. Research also shows that about 80% of CV’s are falsified. This makes it ever more pressing to ensure the right candidate is being hired.

As employers continue to place an emphasis on workplace safety, loss mitigation and fraud, background screening must remain a necessity for employers and their background screening partners alike.

What does A Basic Background Check Include?

  1. Address History Check – Address is a much-sought detail during hiring and on – boarding to ensure the employee is accessible. This is also a key element in Background screening as the address can be used as reference points during criminal background checks. Ensuring a candidates address is verified enables you to reach the candidate when they exit the organisation or are absconding with company values.
  1. Educational Background Check – An educational background check is used to verify the certifications, training or education for an individual applying for a job. With widespread incidents of prospective and existing employees securing jobs with forged or fake certificates. It has become imperative to thoroughly verify their education backgrounds. This type of checks delves into the dates of attendance, whether or not the degree or diploma certificate was obtained and in some cases feedback from mates and department heads.
  1. Employment History Check – The 2015 HRBR shows that 86 percent of respondents indicated that verifying employment revealed candidates who lied on their resumes or applications. Conducting employment verification provides a valuable background about a potential employee’s working habits, attitude and integrity.
  1. Criminal Records Check – A determining factor for most companies to engage or start the process of background checks is to flag any previous criminal history of the applicant, especially for positions of trust/security. It is also advised to run criminal background checks once every six (6) months as to be undated with the crime status of existing employees. This should include national and international checks especially if the candidate has lived or studied in other parts of the world.
  1. Identity Checks: Knowing the true identity of a prospective employee is essential; with increased cases of identity fraud it is a must to know whom you are hiring and if they are who they claim to be. This can be accomplished by running their identity against local and international security agencies.

Why Your Company Needs Background Check Services?

Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Background Verification Partner

–           With their experience and network, they are experts at unearthing any and all information critical to making hiring decisions

–           A background verification partners helps your organisation avoid Liability, while creating a safer workplace.

–           Improves job competence in employees

Why Choose Gavac

Gavac Business Solutions is a Business Risk Solutions provider registered and regulated by the Data Protection Commission of Ghana and a member of NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) USA.

We specialise in providing organisations, large and small, with solutions and resources to effectively protect their assets, reduce liability and create a safer workplace. We do so by obtaining background records and other pertinent information essential to recruitment, through partnering with HR departments, DVLA, CID, Ghana Immigration Service, Births and Deaths Registry and the Registrar General Department.

GBS captures and records any and all data concerning individuals and employees reported, ranging from felonies, misdemeanors, employment and educational history, we have developed secure compliant platforms to make screening and background verification process more efficient, with quick data accessibility, smarter data analysis, analysis of risk treats and our new automated scoring. Our new platforms employ the use of advanced AI and machine learning techniques to process and report records of potential employees being considered for employment.